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(NEW)Mahey Sparring in World Championships Round 1
(NEW)Mahey Sparring in World Championships Round 2
(NEW)North Korean Demo Team Pattern
(NEW)North Korean Demo Breaking

(NEW)Good Clip from Mr Doyle
Special Technique video (Thanks to Neil and Declan)
Ciaran Dempsey's Spar against Scotland in Friendly Nov 05
A Dog showing who's Boss!
Mr Keane performing Jump High Twist Kick
Some good clips (Thanks Declan and Neil)
Ivan getting off the ground in style!
Neil Showing off with a back flip!
How to Spar on the Deffence
Next Saturday's Training Session
Niamh and Mark
Mr Jenning's Split Kick
Mr Barber's Split Kick

Mr Barber!  Video1
Mahey Getting Meda l at Euro's 2004

A bear Sparring Spoon
Special Technique from Junior W/C 2004
Music Pattern from Chloe (Very Flexible)
Who would win? TKD or Thai Boxing!
Jess, Mahey & Ciaran in Self Defence @ WC 2004